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Hi, I’m Steven …  I am a 36 year old snake enthousiast from Belgium. Since 1993 I’ve collected and bred many species of reptiles, of which 44 species of snakes from all over the globe. In the meantime I’ve had a large collection of tarantula’s, scorpions and insects and I was an active and passive member of several societies like TCL, Terra vzw, B.O.A., Serpentes and A hobby became a passion, and this passion turned into a way of life, which I can’t imagine without snakes anymore.

These days I’m quite busy working as a physiotherapist and parenting our six year old son Bob Eloy with my beautiful wife Gloria. Also , my intention is to do more field work as an amateur herpetologist. In that sense I reduced my collection to only 1 species, namely Python regius. Also called the Royal or Ball python.With a rather small group of breeders I was hoping to create some new mutation combo’s, in which I've succeeded so far. Now, my aims in breeding are more conversed in almost exclusively Clown combinations with a yet far smaller group of breeders. Have fun wandering around my pages and please feel free to contact me by any interest or question.

Special thanks goes out to my parents for giving me the freedom in exploring this world of crawling creatures at early age, and to my dear friend David in helping me gettin’ my balls world wide exposed :D 


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